3 Tips to Start Your Best Routine Today

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Even if you are a highly motivated person, Mondays are always that day you are kind of not feeling productive all the way until dinner. Hopefully, there are simple tips you can use to boost your motivation while embracing a safe place to your body and your mind and always looking to sweeten up your happiness in the last end.

For many, staying productive is the ultimate guideline for great wellbeing and that’s why we suggest you start your week with a motivation boost. Here are the 3 main tips to ignite your routine to the next level this week:

1 - Good breakfast, good vibes

Every start of a day should start with more than one kind of nutrients: you have to begin every single morning with high fibre foods, vitamins, minerals, and, of course, healthy fats. Once I became vegan, banana bread turned into my morning daydream - with a hint of cinnamon, it matches perfectly with a generous spread of peanut butter. Our recipe of banana bread also includes an extra treat of the finest toasted chocolate - it’s just too good to be real - check for yourself here.

2 - positive playlist, upbeat mood

Many studies found that music is a great way to begin your journey after bed: morning music facilitates mindfulness while stimulating your creativity to the next level and increasing your brain functionality. Set up the right mood for your early hours after sleep and you will boost your motivation for all the day long - we suggest you listen to our insane booster playlist here.

3 - protein boosts, doubled energy

One of the best times of the day to consume protein is at breakfast - due to proteins, we regulate sugar levels on the blood, accelerating our metabolism, our memory, and logical skills. As our dopamine levels rise with the consumption of protein, nothing can stop us from feeling energetic and cheerful for everyone. The Feel Good Boost Bar can be your favourite on-the-go snack before work, with a fruity tasteful happy ending for your breakfast.


At Freever, we believe in a sweet life for all. For that, we selected the best vegan treats that can take a delightful and cheerful role, in each part of your day. 

Let’s #getfreeverish?



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