5 Myths About Being Vegan Busted

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No matter the reasons which turned you vegan, you may find a lot of misconceptions that your friends and family put in front of your plate at lunchtime. From the lack of essential nutrients for your natural health to the hot mainstream topic “being vegan is expensive”, you probably have heard enough false information to write a bestseller fantasy romance. 

Even though the vegan lifestyle is only present in a tiny fraction of the global population, its importance for the world’s sustainability is really impressive: being vegan cuts your carbon footprint in more than a half, while saving more than 30 animal lives each year. Counting more than 1.6 million vegans in the whole Earth, there are a lot of people that are really making a difference with this mindset. If you’re one of these people, or even if you’re thinking about transitioning to a vegan diet, there’s a lot of misconceptions and false word-of-mouth that may stop you from this cruelty-free mindset.

Find below the 5 main myths against the vegan diet and lifestyle and the truth about it:


1 - A vegan lifestyle is too expensive

With a lot of influencers spreading the plant-based mindset on social media, there is no surprise that veganism is linked directly to overpriced food. But, actually, a normal plant-based diet is one of the most inexpensive and sustainable ways of living. The prices rise with vegan meat alternatives for the ones that want their transition to be easier; however, none of these products are needed for a vegan diet.

2 - You’ll lack protein in your body

Society has established that animal products are the main source of protein and that you won’t get enough protein to build muscle if you don’t eat meat. Indeed, many plants include more protein per calorie than meat - grains, pulses, and vegetables have the perfect amount of protein to fuel your performance and maximize growth and the recovery of your muscles.


3 - Vegans need everyday supplements

Despite the truth of a vegan diet containing all the needed nutrients for optimal health, you may hear your colleagues saying that you have to take your pills every time you have dinner with them - what a crazy thought, isn’t it? Fortified foods are necessary both for vegans and non-vegans, which makes this myth even more non-sense.

4 - Vegan diets are not suitable for children 

We all have been educated in a meat-eater society. All children benefit from a vegan diet, both physically and mentally: it’s the key for children to grow healthy and happy. A plant-based lifestyle since the early ages can prevent a lot of diseases in later life. 


5 - It’s hard to be vegan

Many may say that transitioning to a plant-based diet is hard to do and that you’ll have a lot of meat cravings during the journey. In fact, the only thing that’s more difficult is finding what to eat when you’re still learning how to read the labels in each product.

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