5 Nutrients Clarified for Vegans

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You probably already heard that storyline of “you need to take supplements”, over and over again: it can really get to the point where you sometimes wonder if you’re eating the accurate food to fulfill your body needs. But, against this common-sense thought, your body is most likely to get the right level of nutrients and vitamins while being vegan, as you’re more aware of them and you’re already diversifying more your day-to-day diet.


Veganism doesn’t have to be a scary turn, not even all about re-educating yourself. But to assure that your transition is smooth and you’re not falling short on your takings, you must be interested in knowing what to eat. Here’s how you can get the nutrients you need while having a vegan lifestyle:


1 - Calcium

Don’t be scared of your bones getting weak if you’re not drinking cow’s milk - that’s definitely not how to properly raise those calcium levels. All dark-green vegetables are rich in calcium, as well as nuts, soya, and fortified soya products. You can find a wide range of foods, or even fruits as oranges, kiwi, blackberries, or papaya that can boost this mineral up. By sunbathing or adding more mushrooms to your meals, you get the right amount of the complementary vitamin D to regulate the calcium levels in your body.


2 - Vitamin B12

The popular celebrity amongst this list is vitamin B12, as it is commonly more found in animal products, for sure. However, look for cereals, fortified soya products, and even nutritional yeast that can be a cheesy tasting seasoning for your favorite meals. It’s a vital element to help your body on producing red blood cells and it also prevents fatigue and tiredness - so make sure you have it!


3 - Vitamin C

Since ever in this generation, we’re hearing that vitamin C is the god to your body: it maintains your body and cells healthy. Even though it’s usually more associated with citrus, vitamin C is also found in strawberries or kiwi, and also vegetables such as broccoli, bell peppers, leafy greens, or Brussels sprouts.


4 - Iron

Iron is responsible for your body energy, but it’s not the easiest one. Take vitamin C rich foods so that iron from other plant-based options can easily be taken. All grains and pulses have a lot of this mineral, as well as dark leafy greens, dried fruit, beans, or peas.


5 - Zinc

With such an important role in your immunity system, zinc helps to make protein and DNA. You must remember to eat loads of legumes, whole-grains, cereals, and nuts. For a great seedy supplement, rich in zinc, to have through your day, try out our Feel Good Boost Bar for a nutritious bundle of pumping seeds, sunflower seeds, chia seeds, and flaxseeds, that make the perfect treat with its 6.7g of protein.

At Freever, we believe in a sweet life for all. As so, we selected the most important nutrients and clarified why are they so important for you and where you can find them, hoping you can make them a part of your sweet day. 


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