8 Benefits of Chocolate for your Health

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The chocolate, as we know it, is a combination of cocoa with a lot of added products that make it one of the best things in the world, isn’t it? But besides the tasteful, delicious, and mouthwatering effect of the sweet chocolate flavour, the cocoa in it has many benefits for humans health, both on the physical and on the mental side.

Over the past years, a lot of brands came with solutions to reduce the number of products added to chocolate so it can sweet your mouth up at the healthiest level possible, by raising the percentage of cocoa in each piece. So, being clear that cocoa has concrete benefits for health, match this with a vegan option makes the perfect treat you can have for yourself any time.

Below, you can find the 8 top benefits from chocolate for your health:


1 - It protects you from heart or cardiovascular diseases

The cocoa components can boost your “good” cholesterol, the HDL. This reduces the risk of heart disease in a lot of chances.


2 - Cocoa is a great memory enabler

The consumption of cocoa helps in assuring your proper memory functions and it helps in reducing the loss of memory on elder people.


3 - It acts as a sunscreen

If you’re thinking about sunbathing, you have the perfect excuse to eat more chocolate: cocoa improves your blood flow to the skin, protecting it from the sun, by increasing its density and hydration.


4 - It reliefs stress and reduces your anxiety levels

From its sense of wellbeing, chocolate can relieve stress and also reduces your anxiety levels: serotonin, one of its components, it’s the main asset for an antidepressant effect on your body.


5 - Cocoa controls your craving moments

Cocoa helps in making you satisfied with what you eat: it helps on decreasing your hungry moments, so it’s a great option for the ones who want to lose some weight.


6 - It boosts your metabolism

Cocoa is known by increasing your metabolism pace: thanks to cocoa you can burn some calories while doing your day-to-day activities.


7 - Cocoa balances the level of sugar in the blood

Eating some chocolate every day can help you in controlling your sugar levels in the blood, avoiding an excessive spread of insulin through your body.


8 - It has antioxidant properties

Cocoa is great for the ones who want to have the perfect skin, with no ageing. Due to these antioxidant properties, higher than the ones observed in blueberries or açaí, its action is even used on cosmetics and beauty treatments.


At Freever, we believe in a sweet life for all. For that, we selected the best vegan treats that can take a delightful and cheerful role, in each part of your day, without putting anyone (human or animal) in a bad mood.

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