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Hello everyone and welcome to Freever - where a sweet life is granted for all!
We are thrilled to share our lovely brand that will make you fall in love too.
All our amazing treats are cruelty-free, dairy-free, egg-free, and free from most of the allergens in common products. But, thankfully, we are not just here for the vegans (we love you tho), we want everyone to cherish themselves to what they deserve with no compromises on the flavour. All our products are vegan but enhanced with an outstanding full taste experience that will make you doubt if you’re really eating 100% natural - we assure you that, don’t worry!
The brand came from our own struggle of finding tasteful cakes during our craving moments (and believe us, we googled a lot). As a vegan, going out to eat dessert was a real freaking challenge, even living in central London.
Accepting that I couldn’t eat tastier products just because they aren’t dairy-free or egg-free was agreeing with something I know, for a fact, it isn’t true. Also, we know there are so many people out there that are allergic or intolerant to those. So, you can’t enjoy an absolutely delicious treat? Well, that’s where all it started. 
We want to make sure that everyone can share some sweet moments and we also know food does really connect us.
With Freever, we introduce equally great products (if not better, but we’re biased) to those that are not dairy-free, gluten-free, egg-free and free-from most allergens.
We spent a lot of hours in the kitchen testing different traditional sweets and I mean, baking-eating-baking-eating, which I know, it’s difficult… But we tried to combine a wide selection of amazing products for diverse kinds of tastes and it keeps growing every day. We want to break the boundaries by letting everyone hold hands while enjoying a slice of cake: it doesn’t matter who you are and what you eat, you are now able to share something sweet.
And, to empower your unexpected craving impulses (assuming you tend to also have them), we guarantee a nationwide next-day delivery service. This way you’ll know for sure that your sweets will ring your door very quickly with no effort from your baking skills.
We always take care of our world. So, during this journey, we make everything sustainable, as much as we can, because why not be kind to everyone? As per our packaging, we chased the ones that offer the best sustainable and eco-friendly resources – so you’ll feel the love when you get it on your hands.
Feel free to join us and help us spread this wonderful stuff around!
We believe in a sweet life for all!

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