The 4 top reasons for being vegan (not food-related)

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Running outside, arching your vegan flag is not always about a healthy choice of living for your own body. Many people transit to a vegan diet because of the help they are doing to others, the environment, and even, of course, the long-lasting lifespan that vegans have. A plant-based lifestyle must be difficult at first sight, but sticking to your own pace on this transition is the perfect setting for a happier and a conscience-free life. Being vegan is having a concrete impact on a nurtured animal-consumer society, which we all can observe that is not working the greatest way ever, both from the spread of diseases and from the suffering we are instigating against other living beings.

Having this in mind, we sum the 5 top and sweet reasons for being vegan, that doesn’t have anything to do with food:

1. A cruelty-free mindset
The killing of animals is completely unnecessary, and can be compared to a cruel act: humans consume animal products for pleasure and from tradition, without any proof that they should really eat meat, dairy, or eggs, to survive in total health. People tend to distinguish farm animals from cats or dogs, but aren’t all so similar in behaviour or instincts? Animals love and appreciate life in their own way.

2. A happier environment
A high percentage of man-made pollution comes from the meat industry. Besides animal suffering and the consequent extinction of species, the amount of pollution needed to produce them for food is absurd when compared to a small tiny farm where you plant your own food: it’s amazing how this can save you money.

3. Improve your body easily
As meat and dairy are hard to digest, much of your energy is taken to process that food in your body. A vegan diet improves your fitness by giving you a boost of energy and strength you may need for your daily exercises. And, as the fat from animal products is eliminated, it’s easier to build lean muscle.

4. Boost your mood
The ones who cut out animal products, automatically put aside all those stress hormones the animals produced during their lives, until their last minute. Besides this, people eating a plant-based diet tend to have healthier and more stable mood states with less tension, anxiety, depression, or fatigue - thanks to the higher level of antioxidants, mainly in fruits and vegetables.

At Freever, we believe in a sweet life for all. For that, we selected the best vegan treats that can take a delightful and cheerful role, in each part of your day, without putting anyone (human or animal) in a bad mood.
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