Tips For The Perfect Vegan Transition

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Whatever are your reasons to become vegan, you must stay focused on that until your transition is completely done. It’s not okay to feel guilty whenever you eat anything that isn’t vegan during the process: you must have decided to turn into a vegan lifestyle exactly because of the positive and compassionate thinking, so get rid of any overthought ideas that you’ll never add anything animal to your diet anymore.


Turning into a vegan lifestyle is a process that takes a lot of work on the journey. For your own mental health, remove any pressure about what you’re expecting from a plant-based lifestyle - it all comes at a time. Having in mind a life full of animal products and the easiness of access to them might cause you some disturbance when reaching the supermarket for your next weekly grocery shopping. So we selected some advice you can use to smooth this transition and remain sane, while you’re giving your best effort to avoid cruel food:


1 - Take your time

Everyone has their own pace: some might be sons of a drastic and dramatic change in their life, turning vegan overnight, but for the majority of people, this doesn’t come this way. You might start from vegetarianism sometimes, it’s easier to address some minor changes in your diet, before you completely cut animals from your plate. Also, you must listen to your body, checking the consequent gradual modifications you might feel during the process, and adapting your eating habits to what’s better suited for you.


2 - Do your homework

The best way to maintain your mind safe is to be the best informed possible on vegan themes. It can feel simple, intuitive, and fit seamlessly into all sorts of lifestyles, but the truth is that any dietary change can provide you with a lot of concerns about your own nutrition. Spend time reading up about veganism: how to get your best nutrition from a plant-based diet, how to read product labels, where can you go out for a peaceful vegan dinner, among others.


3 - Find community and support

We are social beings so get the best evidence from vegans as it is the right way to validate your assumptions about your diet. Some people give up on this lifestyle because they feel like they’re standing out, being too different from their friends. Having support from others is the best decision you might find to get new recipes or new tips: don’t forget that all vegans had passed this transition and that they are always more prepared for this than you are.


4 - Embrace veganism as an adventure

The most pleasurable part of the journey into veganism is expanding your culinary horizons beyond borders. Try new stuff, search for different ingredients, and taste new flavours and textures every day. Rather than narrowing your diet, veganism should encourage you to explore new cuisines: many culinary traditions around the globe are already plant-based.


5 - Keep your habits and traditions 

Food is essential for your life but is also a form of tradition, family storytelling, and rituals celebration. Turning into vegan doesn’t mean giving up on your favorite foods and dishes: it simply means that you’ll need to find new and creative approaches while preparing them.

At Freever, we believe in a sweet life for all. We selected these tips to make your journey to veganism even easier, hoping you can make a difference in the world with your lifestyle decisions. 

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